"The reality is that changes are coming. They must come. You must share in bringing them."

- John Hershey

Business on Purpose: Frankly, we’re not for everyone.  

Why? We work with a new (and rare) style of business leader: People who genuinely believe that business can be a force for good in the world, and be more successful, more creative, and more profitable along the way.

Leaders who want to:

  • Ground their business with a clear purpose and values that live, knowing that this foundation will guide them through both smooth and rocky times.
  • Empower their people to do better, more fulfilling work that motivates them to give 100%
  • Recognize the interdependence of their business with all their stakeholders, finding solutions that create a win for everyone
  • Stand for making a positive difference through their people, their products and their service


Why work with us?

Because it’s challenging to be this kind of leader. It’s the road less travelled. But it’s an exciting, stimulating journey. Taking this path separates you from the crowd of business people who are focused only on doing business by numbers, and in the process forget their purpose and their passion.

It’s strategic.  It’s doable.  You can achieve success on every level by unleashing untapped potential in your business.

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  •  “Without a doubt, Amy Powell has been the most influential in me achieving what I have. Her guidance and expertise has been invaluable.” 
    -Peter Hanlon:  Former Westpac Group Executive 
  • Working with Amy was a turning point in my career and I highly recommend her as a coach for executive leaders.”
    -Katherine Squire: General Manager, Software Engineering at nbn Australia
  • “Amy opened my eyes to genuine leadership and helped me build confidence and create a leadership style that is open, honest and true to who I am.”
    – Matt Rady :  CEO Allianz Retire + Powered by Pimco 
  •  “I recommend Amy unreservedly as an executive coach and impactful facilitator of leadership and professional development.”
    -Susan Bannigan:  CEO, Westpac Bicentennial Foundation


Indra Gurung- Visionary International

Andy Swindler- Lead From Love

Claudia Alarcon- North Highland

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