Becoming a Certified CTT Practitioner

Upcoming Training Dates: TBD

Location: Portland, Oregon

This is an opportunity to achieve full CTT Certification with five unique advantages.

Location: The tree-hugging, food-loving city of Portland, Oregon. This is, in fact, the first CTT Practitioner Certification on the West Coast of the U.S.

Conscious Capitalism focus. Amy Powell has more than 10 years of leadership experience in the international Conscious Capitalism movement, and will share leading-edge thinking on this powerful business paradigm.

Pricing. $3600 for full training schedule. Payable online via Paypal. 

Work with a culture change expert (actually, two). Amy’s credentials go beyond measuring culture (see client testimonials at the end), and into designing whole-system culture change programs that get results. Additionally, for this program, she will be supported by Margaret Kelsey, Director of Education & Training at the Barrett Values Center.

Post-Training Coaching. This specialized coaching will be conducted online in group coaching sessions with Amy and will ensure that you are able to confidently introduce CTT tools in your organization, or with your clients. Your success is our success. We want your culture programs to make a positive difference and change business for good.

About Certification

The objective of this training is for you to deeply explore and gain mastery in the CTT diagnostic tools and change processes. With these tools and processes available to you, your skills as a change agent will be amplified and honed.

Upon successful completion of this program you will be empowered to use all of the Barrett Tools. You also will have gained exposure to a tried and tested Business on Purpose culture change model based on the principles of Conscious Capitalism (higher purpose, stakeholder approach, conscious leadership and conscious culture).

In addition to the intensive four-day training, we will do both pre- and post-work (through online coaching), to ensure that you are fully ready to use your skills in business environments as an internal or external coach/consultant.

As part of the training, each participant will receive a personalized Leadership Development Report (LDR) and an Individual Values Assessment (IVA). Upon successful completion, each person will also receive a free Small Group Assessment for up to 20 people (worth $1,000) or a free LDR, as well as an IVA, so that they can put their new skills to work immediately following the program.

Why the Barrett Culture Transformation Tools?

Amy Powell has measured organizational culture for 30 years. Accredited in five different culture measurement tools, and having created numerous bespoke tools for her clients, she recognises the unique power of the Barrett Culture Transformation Tools (CTT). Here’s what she loves about them:

Flexibility. Unlike many other culture tools, the Barrett model does not advocate for a “one size fits all” approach to organizational culture. The survey can be adapted to different kinds of cultures, and can accommodate the unique culture your company aspires to.

CC Alignment. The CTT Tools and Seven Levels of Consciousness tie in beautifully with the principles of Conscious Capitalism (as outlined in the Conscious Capitalism Field Guide).

Breadth and scope. CTT measures levels of consciousness for organizations, leaders, and/or individuals. Feedback can be collected from employees, customers, stakeholders and the wider community, providing multiple perspectives on the culture.

Simplicity of Administration. The survey itself is easy for employees and others to complete, typically taking no more than 10 minutes.

The Barrett Culture Transformation Tools are based on the Barrett 7 Levels of Consciousness Model, which is described in-depth in the The Values-Driven Organization.

For a brief overview of the Barrett 7 Levels model, click here.

About Amy Powell

This CTT Practitioner program will be facilitated and delivered by Amy Powell, Director of Business on Purpose LLC, and Chair of Conscious Capitalism Portland. Amy also co-founded Conscious Capitalism Australia, the first chapter of Conscious Capitalism International.

Amy has been working with culture change in organizations for 30 years, and has used the Barrett CTT Tools in corporate environments for the past decade. She has helped business leaders in Australia and the U.S. to develop culture change programs that strengthen and support the organization, its employees, and its stakeholders. Her approach is to:

  • Measure current culture and leadership, and clearly identify the desired state (using the CTT tools)  
  • Create a high-impact action plan
  • Use 1-on-1 and group coaching to deepen understanding and focus on new ways of leading
  • Embed the new culture using creative approaches that are internally driven
  • Re-measure, celebrate success, set next goals and build a new action plan

Amy believes that culture change should never be a one-time intervention, but should continuously and intentionally evolve as the organization changes.

Testimonials from those who have worked with Amy Powell in culture change and coaching:

Amy has been the absolute cornerstone of BT Life Company’s "transcendence to meaning.”  Her culture transformation work resulted in tangible and measurable change. Her work with the entire extended leadership team to accept, embrace and aspire to conscious leadership and to align to our Higher Purpose has been inspirational. During this period, the company has outperformed on all KPIs and ultimately won recognition from the industry through awards and commentary. Phil Hay, former CEO, BTFG Life Insurance

I am very grateful for Amy's wonderful executive coaching and leadership. She helped me to find my true purpose and what would help me thrive. Since then, I have admired how she has led the Australian Conscious Capitalism movement, inspiring myself and thousands of others to think differently about the purpose and positive impact organizations can have in society. Deanne Stewart, CEO, MetLife Australia

Over the years, Amy’s work with my various organizations has included Culture, Organizational Values, Executive Coaching, and working with leadership teams. As such she has become a trusted advisor to me and my organization. Maree Taylor, Chief People & Culture Officer, National Broadband Network (Amy also worked with Maree at Apple and CSC)

Amy has been invaluable in supporting me through a number of complex changes and challenges at CARE Australia, including a restructure involving changes in senior staff. Amy led a number of discussions and team-building sessions with my senior staff. Amy also supported me through the development of a major strategy. Julia Newton-Howes, former CEO, CARE

Amy’s coaching was instrumental in making sure that I paid close attention to setting up an engagement and communication approach that enabled me to spread my leadership through a workforce of 2,000 employees. JB Rousselot, Head of Network Operations, National Broadband Network

For program details, please contact Amy.

To learn more about Amy, click here.