Culture Analytics

The Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) ® enable you to establish the kind of culture you want for your business, create a baseline measure, and take powerful steps to make your culture strong and vibrant.

How We Support You

We work with your leaders and your people to measure the culture of teams and/or the overall business. The process is simple, with a focus on three things:

  •  Personal values of the people who work at your organization
  • Actual values that they see being lived in your business
  • Desired values that would make the business as successful as it can be.

The results of this survey are powerful and clear indicators of where the business needs to go next, identifying the strengths of your culture, as well as where there may be problems to be addressed.

To learn more about the Culture Transformation Tools and the Barrett 7 Levels of Organizational Consciousness, click here.

We can work with leadership teams, divisions, or organization-wide. To arrange a free, no-obligation consultation, contact us.