Leadership Diversity and Inclusion

Every aspect of organizational culture starts at the top, and diversity and inclusion is no exception. It is essential for the company to have a balanced leadership team; particularly one that is reflective of their customer and employee base.

We have an intersectional approach to diversity and inclusion programs. While both of these programs were designed to address barriers for women in the workplace, they can be adapted to meet the needs of other historically underrepresented minority groups.

Women on the Move: A tried-and-tested program to accelerate the progress of women in mid-level managerial positions.  Women on the Move empowers participants to advance to higher levels of leadership by developing critical skills and growing new and valuable networks.

MeToo @ Work: This program of work enables organizations to identify and create breakthrough solutions to some of the more serious barriers that can prevent women from reaching their potential. In this comprehensive offering, we conduct a diagnostic and review, and introduce programs to proactively address issues such as sexual misconduct, unconscious bias, and systemic barriers.

Women on the Move

Women on the Move is a group coaching program designed for women who would like to leverage their opportunities and growth in the workplace through group coaching. Each group is made up of 10-12 women in middle management positions across teams, departments and divisions. The basic program consists of four coaching sessions conducted over a four-month period. These are highly interactive, 2-hour lunchtime sessions, with actions to carry out in between. Topics include:

  • Creating your own authentic personal brand
  • Having courageous conversations
  • Networking, connecting, and sponsorship
  • Developing a personalised plan using a stretch goal

This program can be customized to meet your organization’s specific diversity and inclusion needs.


MeToo@Work is a new diversity and inclusion program that addresses abuses of power in the workplace and their impact. MeToo@Work takes a systemic and future-focused approach to all facilitations and workshops. This is not a training program; it is a whole system approach aimed at changing accepted thinking, communication and behaviours that have resulted in codes of silence and collective guilt and shame.  The outcomes include higher levels of openness, creativity, effectiveness, organizational trust, as well as good governance.

The program consists of the following options:

• Cultural diagnostics

• Individual and organizational values identification

• Facilitation to understand the current situation and the transformational impact of being heard and acknowledged 

• Workshops developing open systems communication and dealing with conflict

• Empathy workshops and human centred re-design.