Our Manifesto

We love business


We love the meetings, the catchups, the workshops, the negotiations, the telephone tag, the visions and missions: how we’re inspired to achieve more together than we could alone.

We love the jargon, the camaraderie, the laughter of teams, the shared goals, the high fives when we get it right, and the sober determination to do better when we don’t.

We love the awkward monthly birthday parties over morning tea, the friendships that build, the loyalties we feel to our teams and our work groups.

We love business

We love the paychecks that buy groceries and yoga classes and birthday presents and homes and family holidays to the beach or to Ireland or Disneyland.

We love the fact that whatever we are doing, we have a purpose: we are there to meet the needs of our customers, and to find a way to make their lives better.

We love how our success is intertwined with the success of others:  Cleaners. Contract workers. Product suppliers. Lawyers. Accountants. Consultants… all there to help us get the job done.

Mostly, we love business because we know what it can be.

We’ve seen that spark of consciousness; that will to do the right thing because it is right. We know that we make our profits by serving others: our customers, our communities, our partners, and our people.  The better we serve, the better our returns will be.

We know, deep down, that business can be a force for good in the world. We know that with our combined ingenuity, energy, and innovation, we can solve many of the world’s most challenging problems.

We’ve watched the phenomenal success of Whole Foods and Intrepid Travel and Southwest Airlines and Patagonia and Ben and Jerry’s and thousands of businesses, large and small, who are taking the High Road. They know a secret. But it’s not a secret any longer.

We love business. We think business is great. Now let’s make it good.