Whole System Culture Change

Nothing exists in a vacuum, and cultures are vulnerable to variables of the systems in which they exist. To change a culture, all aspects of those systems need to be considered carefully.

Business on Purpose has built a process for designing a culture change program that includes the following elements, shown in our model.

Each of these segments will make up an essential part of your change model. Together, we can complete a comprehensive diagnostic to design your unique change program. For example, with the segment of “committed leaders” we would explore:

  • Are all members of the senior leadership team aligned in terms of the type of culture they wish to have?  
  • Are they personally committed to make the changes required to achieve that culture?
  • How can we engage and involve leaders at all levels in the organization?
  • How can we ensure that leaders are individually making the changes they need to make to create a consistent culture across the organization?

There are diagnostic questions for each segment, used to create a comprehensive plan for change. For more information about our approach to whole system change, please contact us.


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